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Community Groups

As a community of grace, we live in authentic relationships with other Christ-followers so others may hear and be transformed by the power of the Gospel.
FG Community
Community groups are more than a point of connection—they are the Church of Scripture played out in our daily lives. FG Community is a class for those looking to join a community group, those already in a group, those who want to understand what it means, or those looking to continue in community by aligning with Fellowship Greenville's DNA. We have designated times for you to discover more. See the list of upcoming events on this page.

Groups FAQ

A community group consists of six or more people who gather regularly for fellowship, prayer, and discussion centered around Scripture. Groups desire to grow in the seven Core Values of Fellowship Greenville that Scripture paints as marks of a disciple. This leads to the Gospel being displayed in the group and the believers' lives as they reach their circles of influence with the good news.

Community groups meet off-campus, throughout the week (Sunday - Saturday), in people's homes, and predominantly in the evening.
Just as in relationships, all groups are together for a season. Groups stay together until they reach a point of multiplication. While there isn’t a set time frame for groups to remain together, there is urgency of the mission and health of the group to consider. Healthy groups grow, and as they grow, they multiply.
Childcare is handled differently for each group. Fellowship Greenville offers childcare on-site in the evenings on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.

This option is available to all group participants and can be coordinated through our Event Childcare Coordinator. Some groups have the kids participate, some hire babysitters and others use the childcare option. If you have kids, be sure to speak with your group leader about childcare options.

Community groups are for those who value and prioritize a Biblical view of community and its essential nature for growth as a believer. You do not need to be a member of Fellowship Greenville to join a group. We encourage group members to reach out to those in their circle of influence to join their groups.
There are specific circumstances when a group may not be a good fit. However, this isn’t necessarily the norm for groups as Christian community is built on unity and diversity in the body with the foundation of the Gospel. When searching for a group, avoid personal preferences and ask yourself the question, “Where is God at work, and how am I joining him there?”

  • Attend a CG Foundation class where you will hear the purpose for community groups and get connected to a group.
  • If you’re unable to attend the upcoming Foundation class, please contact our staff to see what other options are available.

Community Group Leader Training
Are you interested in taking your next step in becoming a leader? Reach out to our Discipleship Pastor for more information, or follow our Group Leader Pathway below.


Need help getting started or want to apply to be a leader? Find a full list of resources for group leaders that includes group starter kits, digital resources, leading tools, helpful articles, and more!

Group Resources

Group Leader PATHWAY

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