Become a Member of Fellowship

As long as someone has a relationship with God, why is it necessary to have something like church membership?

Fellowship Greenville has a lot of guests and regular attenders. We welcome them with open arms and would never turn them away. But we are looking for more than just the familiarity of faces seen every week. We believe there are at least three good reasons to consider membership.

Membership is biblical.

Membership is practical.

Membership is personally enriching.

What does membership mean practically?

At Fellowship Greenville, members:

  • receive the right to vote on matters involving the entire congregation. 
  • hold each other accountable to be faithful stewards of life. 
  • place themselves under the leadership of the elders and pastors to serve the mission of God here and around the world
  • support the ministry through their finances, service, and prayers. 
  • participate in corporate and personal worship
  • are given preference when it comes to the church’s ministries and services.
  • are eligible to be staff members, elders, deacons, pastors, and community group leaders.