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Membership Covenant

Please read the covenant below. When you are ready to confirm your agreement, click the "Update" below your name. The page will refresh to give you an opportunity to update your record, let us know when you were baptized (as close as possible), and sign the covenant. Each member of your family who is 18 or older and who is joining the church will need to log in individually to sign the covenant. 

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I believe that the Holy Spirit has drawn me to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It is my desire to joyfully and thoughtfully enter into covenant with other brothers and sisters in Christ for the purpose of glorifying our God, building each other up in the faith, and being an effective witness to our world.

Empowered by the Spirit, I commit to build my life on the truths of the Bible and to grow into a fully devoted follower of Christ. I will seek to live a life characterized by the presence and fruit of the Holy Spirit and by an ever-deepening love for the Savior. In church, at home, or in the community, I will seek to live in such a way as to bring glory to the one True God.

I pledge myself to do all I can to pursue knowing God more intimately, understanding his Word more clearly, and living out his truth more effectively. I will regularly meet with others for worship and celebration. I will intentionally gather together with others for mutual care, encouragement, and instruction. I will love others, care for others, forgive others, honor others. I will hold others accountable and be held accountable for growth in Christlikeness, and I will welcome all who come seeking relationship with God.

I will willingly and lovingly participate in the mutual ministry that is to characterize our community of faith. Resisting the pull toward being spectators, I will seek to utilize the gifts, talents, and resources God has given me for the benefit of the church and the growth of the kingdom of God.

With my eyes on Christ, the head of the Church, I will support and serve with the leadership of this church. I will seek to promote the unity of the body here and avoid creating division between members of this family of faith. Renouncing the temptations to gossip and to live with resentments and bitterness, I will seek to speak the truth in love to others so as to grow into maturity together.

My pledge is to magnify the grace of God and to exalt the Lord Jesus. My commitment is to love others as Christ has loved me. My vision is to see a community of faith grow where the Word of God transforms lives to the glory of God.

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