Life on Mission

Living a life on mission for Jesus means reflecting the unconditional and sacrificial love he shows us. Living this kind of love is meant to energize all our relationships: from our marriages to our parenting, from our friendships to our workplaces, and from our families to our interactions with strangers.

It is in serving others that we grow to depend on God, learn how he made us, and find where we can contribute to the work of his body. Serving others with no expectation of return is one way we live a life on mission, to see God transform us into a community of grace.

Upcoming Events

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Hundreds of people serve inside the walls of Fellowship Greenville each week, in areas such as:

  • Worship/Tech
  • Care | Personal Support
  • Prayer
  • Communications
  • Communion
  • Community Group Leaders
  • First Impressions Team (FIT)
  • Guest Services
  • Safety Team
  • Kids Small and Large groups
  • Students Small and Large Groups