Sundays: 9 & 11am LATEST MESSAGE

Summer Intership


Intern responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following tasks/projects:

  • Read assigned books and articles and write summaries of them
  • Meet weekly with Director of Global Outreach to discuss assigned articles, books, videos (could be done at separate times).
  • Plan and keep a weekly calendar of scheduled meetings (to be discussed ahead of time with supervisors)
  • Help plan and participate in summer ministry events (Camp in the City, GO Journey events, Outreach experiential days, receptions for guests, etc.)
  • Assist Outreach Ministry Assistant in preparing for Outreach events as needed
  • Assist with gathering pictures and video of Outreach events for future Outreach promotions
  • Join Global Outreach Director in debriefing GO Journey team leaders
  • Interview FG’s global partners through skype calls or meetings 
  • Research and plan a cross-cultural simulation for future equipping sessions
  • Complete an independent global project if assigned
  • Meet with the Outreach Staff 
  • Participate in experiential visits to local partners with Outreach staff
  • Interview local FG partners - summaries to be collected.
  • Write a summary paper on how the FG Outreach Internship has impacted his/her life - the last section to be ideas for future outreach internships
  • Participate in FGS Middle and High School short term mission trip to Lexington.  

What you can expect to learn and experience: 

  • You will learn more about what working as a church staff member involved in Outreach looks like.