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Fix Your Eyes on Jesus - Annette's Story

by Annette Faber

"I feel like God is constantly attempting to teach me to trust Him. Sometimes I listen and lean into what He is saying and other times the every day of my life prevents me from even seeing Him. More times than not, I’m not a very good student. But when I can look back, I see God providing every step of the way! He provides strength, wisdom, support, money, and gifts me with wonderful people around me to hold my hands up like Aaron did for Moses.

I own a custom sewing business and God has blessed and the business is growing. Most recently God has blessed and gifted me with a new employee who shares my vision and is a real blessing and a source of accountability. We are working through a Bible study together and the re-curring statement is “what if we only glanced at our lives and stared at God, rather than staring at our lives and only glancing at God?” I’m thankful to have that challenge before me and even more thankful to have someone with me all week long to help me to remember it and to help me to shift my focus when it goes off course. I am also thankful for how God has placed me, in a year of isolation, in the midst of the right people and that I have not lost my connection with community." - Annette F.

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