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Grace & Rest - Anna's Story

by Anna Bullock

"It is very hard for me to rest—like FULLY rest. It's easy for me to get confused between the modern version of rest, which mostly equates to lack of chaos and loads of self-care and the biblical rhythm of rest. During quarantine, I borrowed my friend's copy of The Elimination of Hurry, which was a definite wake-up call. I've been so caught up in figuring out the "new normal," trying not to get or pass covid, starting my journey to freelancing, and being a good wife, friend, and sister that I started to convince myself that the peace would start where the chaos ends. It was honestly so exhausting because there will always be something to throw a wrench into our human-directed plans. 

God has really been revealing to me in this season that rest can happen amidst the chaos. There is still joy, there is still goodness, there are still places of peace even when everything seems to be constantly changing and shifting. I am so thankful for a heavenly father that sees me where I am and says: rest, child. His yoke is easy, and his burden is light, and he offers it even when life gets as crazy as it does. I am reminded that to Sabbath is a gift, not just a command. I can rest in knowing that my value and worth comes from whose I am and not how many emails I send out or how on top of the dishes I am, or how much time I spend hustling to the next thing. Grace happens now, and rest can too." - Anna B.

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