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I'm Imperfect, He is Perfect - Martin's Story

by Martin Holcombe

“Jesus gave me a vision over 20 years ago which lit my heart and soul on fire. I will never forget that moment in my life. While I have strayed many times and will always be imperfect, I know a matter of factly that He IS.

I came to Fellowship Greenville (FG) after my mother passed away suddenly in 2019. I had recently lost a long-held job a few months prior, and I was at the end of myself. I needed council and knew no physical thing could help me. I Googled and found FG and their Stephen's Ministry. It saved my life, and the course of my life changed significantly.

Serving others through FG and my own personal charities reinforces who I am and is what I'm happiest doing. Ultimately, we're all here to love and serve one another, and when you can set aside the daily grind of life and help someone else in any way, it lightens your heart and gives your life meaning. I am currently praying to God to reveal my flaws and show me how to become better. Patience, forgiveness, and unconditional love are what I desire to possess, and I continue to seek God to teach me how to realize these qualities in my life.”

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