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He is My Portion - Alex's Story

by Alex Sullivan

"People often describe your twenties as one's 'defining decade.' While I'm thankful for the life I've built so far with my loving husband and thriving career, as I near 25, I have found myself thinking that this season of my life looks nothing as I imagined it would. Finding community is harder than I thought it would be. Starting a family is more difficult than expected. Life and bills and jobs are more demanding than ever. Goals are harder to reach. And God often feels far away. While 2020 was a weird, hard year for many, it helped me realize that I've been looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. I'm constantly thinking that if I could just find a good group of friends or have a baby or get a promotion—then I'll be happy. And I'll feel like I didn't waste my twenties away. But God has shown me that He is my portion. When I feel lonely, He is a Father and Friend. When I'm sick, He's my Healer. When my spirit is crushed, He is my comfort. When I feel worthless, He tells me I'm loved. When I am lacking, He provides. And if I devote my twenties to knowing, loving, and serving Him, they will not be wasted. The relationships I have or the career I build will not define this decade in my life—only what I do with Jesus will." - Alex S.

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