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Biblical Manhood

No matter where we are in our journey as men, we sometimes hit those moments along the way that feel like more than just “bumps in the road”. The temptation is to give up on the joy and purpose that we feel life should bring and we end up longing for life to just somehow work. What we want is the life transformation that comes from a deep faith in God but never seems to happen. Maybe you have recently or years ago come to faith in Jesus but it hasn’t really changed what you do daily or how you engage the everyday stuff of life. We believe that as we understand the power and purpose of the Gospel and learn to live everyday life in the light of these truths God begins to transform our lives under the empowering leadership of Jesus. This not only impacts our lives but the lives of the people around us.

Join us for Biblical Manhood as we go through a series on the power of the Gospel to change our lives as God uses what we learn and the relationships we build to bring about real-life transformation.

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