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Sheppard : John Mark & Sara

The Lord has given the Sheppards a special burden for the least-reached people groups of Liberia, especially the Manya. John Mark is working to translate and record the Bible in their language, along with teaching people to read and write in the mother tongue. Sara works with children, teens, and moms in their community, providing medical care, tutoring, daily meals, counseling, and discipleship.

Way to Pray: John Mark is in the midst of the final official read-through of the New Testament. It is going slower than he thought it would, but there is definitely good progress being made! Pray that it can be done by this spring! Please also pray that the Manya people who are hearing the word of God through dramatized audio programs would come to faith in Jesus. Pray for the Sheppards children and also the Liberian children who have become like family, that they would grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. 

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