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Fletcher : Joel & Lauren

Joel and Lauren married in 2014 knowing that God was calling them into overseas work. Over their married journey, God has graciously been the steering winds in the sails, highlighting items He wanted them to be involved in. Joel fell into an agricultural role at a small Christian college. He discovered that agriculture is the culmination of his desire to grow men and use teachable moments well, and paired with the drive to work outside with his hands. The Lord highlighted a love and gift for languages and culture in Lauren, and she has been pursuing her masters degree in Applied Linguistics for use in Translation work.

The Fletchers are on the field in Southeast Asia to work with an unreached Muslim group. There, through farming and language, they are making disciples and sharing the abundant life that God gives. 

Way to Pray: Please pray for Joel and Lauren as they continue to settle into the region they will be working in. They have been encouraged by the relationship building that is happening through their agricultural training. Pray that the Lord continues to grow their opportunities to serve those in the community around them. Finally, please pray for the health of both of them. They are both facing different food allergies, especially Lauren. Please pray that God will give them the sustenance they need and if it's God's will, His healing. 

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