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Set-up Crew

We are looking for applicants who are able to lift and move 25 lb chairs, are at least 15 years old, and are seeking to gain work experience in a team environment.

Main Objective: Assist facilities team in set up and tear down for Sunday services and special events.

Job Description:

Provide assistance to the facility's team by:

  • removing and stacking auditorium chairs after Sunday services and special events
  • resetting auditorium in preparation for Sunday services and special events

Critical Skills: Applicant must be at least 15 years of age, able to follow directions, dependable, and able to move/lift 25 lb chairs.

Other Performance Expectations:
Reports To: Facilities Manager
Relates Closely To: Assistant Facilities Manager, Facilities Assistant
Job Status: Hours vary and are dependant on event schedules. This position does not offer a lot of work hours but rather work experience in a team atmosphere. The schedule is split between removal & stacking of chairs after Sunday services and a reset day on Thursday to prepare for the coming Sunday services. Plus an occasional Friday evening and/or Saturday for special events.

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