Fellowship Greenville is happy to host weddings for our members and children of members. This page offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about weddings at Fellowship Greenville.

Who can be married at Fellowship Greenville?

Members and children of members can be married at Fellowship Greenville. A member is someone who has completed our membership class, been interviewed by an elder or pastor, and signed our membership covenant. We do not host weddings for the general public.


A $300 refundable security deposit is required to secure your date on the church wedding calendar. Additional fees may be charged based on the following:

  • If damage occurs or cleanup is excessive.
  • If Fellowship Greenville's policies are not followed and the wedding events (including the rehearsal and ceremony) does not take place entirely within the agreed upon block of time.
  • If you cancel within 60 days of the date, you will forfeit your deposit.

Can we serve alcohol during the reception?

No alcohol may be served or consumed in the church facilities.

Can we cook the meal in the church kitchen?

The kitchen is reserved for your reception use, however, no cooking, reheating, warming, or refrigeration is permitted. The kitchen may be used for presenting or plating of food only. Ice from the ice machine is available. You must provide your own kitchen liners and paper supplies. Note: the coffee system may only be operated by a cafe team member who is reserved by the wedding venue coordinator.

What cleaning is included in the fees?

All church furniture will be setup and taken down by church staff. Our custodial staff will take care of cleaning floors and surfaces. 

However, when the kitchen is used for plating and serving food, cleaning is not included. Countertops must be wiped down, sinks cleaned, and floors mopped at the end of the event. (A mop is provided.)

Are decorations provided?

No. In addition, all decorations, including flowers, must be removed by you or someone you designate at the end of your wedding and/or reception. We do not have storage or trash space available for any decorations. Delays in removing decorations and rented equipment will involve the facilities person to remain on site and will be factored in the final cost.

No nails, tacks, staples, pins, screws, or tape (of any kind) may be used to attach decorations or equipment to the walls, woodwork, furniture, or floors in any area. Straight pins may be used on the worship center chairs.

Please note: bubbles that are designated for wedding use are permissible (non-sticky), but outside only. No birdseed or rice.

Can one of the pastor's officiate my wedding?

Yes, after you complete seven sessions of premarital counseling at Fellowship Greenville.

Can we include dancing in our reception?

No. However, Fellowship Greenville does allow a first dance between the bride/groom, bride/her father, and groom/his mother. The music and dance must be appropriate for the church setting. 

What days/times are available for weddings?

Any day except Sundays. For Saturday weddings, the church worship center and reception site must be vacated by 6:00pm in order to allow us to reset for Sunday morning worship.