FG Kids

*We are now having Kids programming! Our goal is to make your child's experience as comfortable and engaging as possible, while also keeping them safe and healthy! We recognize that everyone feels differently right now and we want you to know that we respect whatever you choose to do.*

FG Kids On-Campus Plan

We want every child in FG Kids to feel loved and welcomed. We also pray they will come to understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus and the life he offers. That’s why the vision of our ministry is for kids to “belong, believe, and become.” 

  • Belong: We want kids to know this is not just a church to attend, but a place where they belong. That’s why we work hard to help them feel welcome and safe. We also strive to partner with their parents to create fun and safe environments where their kids can flourish.
  • Believe: We want kids to know that we all sin and we’re all flawed. There is absolutely nothing we can do to earn or deserve God’s forgiveness. The good news is that by sending Jesus to be punished in our place, God showed us how far he’s willing to go to rescue us. Our hope is that the kids in our ministry will come to trust in Jesus, believing that what he did for them on the cross is all they need to start a brand new life with God.
  • Become: Not only do we want every child to believe in the saving grace of Jesus, but we also want them to become more like him. We want them to pursue God in their everyday lives and become a beacon to those around them. That’s why we provide engaging, age-specific Bible teaching and activities that help them love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and love their neighbors as they love themselves.

Thrive is our special needs ministry. For more information, please contact our Special Needs Coordinator.

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