Thanks for planning a visit to Fellowship Greenville. Our services are on Sundays at 9:00 and 11:00 am.


Our address is 3161 S. Highway 14—about half a mile south of Pelham Road. Get directions. 


There's no guesswork at Fellowship Greenville—see the two-minute video on this page.

From a welcoming environment that puts new guests at ease, to dress as if you were at a weekend brunch with friends, you’ll quickly discover why it’s easy to fit in with this community of grace, passionately pursuing life and mission with Jesus.

We’ll make sure your kids find their rooms where they'll have a blast. They'll not only be accepted but will discover that they truly belong. 

With modern music that focuses on God (not on those leading worship) and eye-opening teaching that’s definitely worth your time, it won’t take long to see why Fellowship Greenville is a community of grace that’s passionately pursuing life and mission with Jesus.


Once you visit, if you're interested in knowing more about us and getting connected, Starting Point is a short class that provides an overview of Fellowship Greenville.

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Statement of Beliefs
Marriage, Family, Gender, Sexuality, and the Church
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